Gulen Schools Worldwide

Gulen Schools Worldwide
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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Turkish Police raid gulen' schools detained 26 over Tax fraud charges.

As part of the investigation into the Gülen Movement's alleged illegal activities, police units from the southern province of Kahramanmaraş raided schools and educational institutions of the movement and took 26 people into custody on suspicion of tax fraud.

Wednesday's raids were conducted simultaneously in central Kahramanmaraş and its Türkoğlu, Afşin, Göksün, Elbistan and Andırın districts. Computers on the premises were seized to be investigated by forensics teams. Turkey is preparing for a comprehensive fight against the Gülen Movement following the last National Security Council (MGK) meetings, the latest of which took place on June 29 and which recognized illegal structures as a threat against Turkey's national security.

According to reports, the MGK prepared a recommendation letter to fight the Gülen Movement, which was submitted to the Prime Ministry shortly after the meeting. The letter was recently approved by the Cabinet and became a decree. The precautions to be taken in the scope of the decree will be passed on to all institutions as circulars, paving the way for the preparation of a "Parallel Structure" Action Plan. The decree will thereby implement a comprehensive blockage against the Gülen Movement.

The MGK meeting underscored that any structure that poses a threat to the unity and security of the state should be recognized as a threat to national security. "A target has been specified that covers all attempts directed at obstructing the stability of elected governments or the will of the people," the MGK recommendation read

Friday, May 8, 2015

Gulen Turkish Businessmen open new school in Haiti - Harmony International School

Turkish businesses visit Haiti to explore opportunities

Le Nouvelliste | Publié le : 04 décembre 2014
A delegation of Turkish businessmen conducted an exploratory visit to Haiti last week. During this visit, the Turkish investors were invited to dinner by Bernard José Schettini, General Director of the National Society of Industrial Parks (SONAPI in French). During the dinner held at SONAPI, Schettini invited businessmen to invest in Haiti and offered them a fruitful cooperation between Haiti and Turkey because "Haiti is open for business."

llThis moment was marked by the different presentations of SONAPI activities and services. Schettini traced the history of metropolitan parks in Port-au-Prince and the Caracol Park in Limonade. "This is a first for Haiti to receive Turkish businessmen at the national level, and I hope that this cooperation will be beneficial. I intend to visit Turkey in the near future," said Schettini. This exploratory visit took place to strengthen cooperative relations between the two countries. After many exchanges, investors agreed about the need to strengthen exchanges between the two countries in sectors such as agriculture, tourism, energy, urban and educational facilities. They promise to build a lasting partnership in the field of construction and boost the disaster risk management process. Turkish contractors have increased their presence in Haiti through the inauguration of "Harmony International School," which opened in Port-au-Prince in October 2014. Built by the NIL Foundation with the support of KIMSE YOK MU, a Turkish NGO in Haiti, the school is part of the Haitian-Turkish cooperation for sustainable development after the earthquake of January 12, 2010. Located at # 21 Rue de Bellevue, Pacot, Harmony International School was inaugurated on Wednesday, November 12, 2014 in the presence of some Haitian and foreign personalities. They included Louis Délima Chery, representative of the Ministry of National Education and Vocational Training (MENFP in French), Jacky Lumarque, Rector of l'Université Quisqueya, Deputy Perilus Worms, a delegation of Turkish businessmen and parents. The ceremony was chaired by Jeantel Cheramy, a former fellow of the Turkish government. Offering 1st, 3rd, and 7th basic year classes, this academic institution is looking for students and offers scholarships to qualified students. Classes are taught in several languages including math and experimental sciences. Under the supervision of the NIL Foundation, this school is led by Murat Tosun, General Director, Doremy Cheramy, Education Director, two Deputy Directors and a group of qualified foreign and Haitian teachers. According to Tosun, it is through education that we triumph over ignorance, through work and the possession of capital that one overcomes poverty, and dialogue and tolerance ends separatism and internal division. "To meet this vision, Harmony International School is an institution that will provide an international standard of education where children receive a bilingual (French and English) education. They will be able to master other languages, including Spanish and Turkish. We believe that the future of a nation depends on its youth. All people who want to secure their future must spend much energy to raise their children. Real life is possible only by gaining knowledge.” Translated from Le Nouvelliste by Rachele Viard

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Gulen School in Adana, Turkey RAIDED by Turkish Government

In yet another government-backed operation targeting the Gülen movement, tax inspectors from the Finance Ministry on Saturday carried out a raid with police at a private school opened by volunteers of the movement in southern province of Adana.
Çukurova Burç College, one of Adana's most successful schools, was raided and searched by four auditors and some 40 police officer early on Saturday over alleged violations of Tax Procedural Law by school administrators. Burç Schools General Manager Sultan Sözeri criticized dozens of police officers' accompanying the inspectors, saying auditors can carry out inspections at the school whenever they want. Sözeri said the raid aims to create a negative image about the school. “I know that parents who see this scene will be more willing to send us their children,” he said.
Stating that the school was inspected by Finance Ministry inspectors just one month ago, Sözeri said the search and the raid are illegal. Sözeri also underlined that the school is known for its successes in Adana. He said top scorers of the province in the most recent Transition to Higher Education examination (YGS), the first-round exam of the university entrance system, were from Çukurova Burç College.
Turkish-Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen and the movement inspired by him have been direct targets of the government and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan ever since a corruption probe in which some senior members of the government were implicated became public on Dec. 17 of 2013. Erdoğan, who refers to Hizmet as the “parallel state” or “structure,” accuses the movement of being behind the corruption operation.

The government, then led by Erdoğan, took action to ensure the closure of schools opened by Gülen's followers in many countries around the world. Gülen-inspired institutions and schools in Turkey are also under intense pressure from the government.
In May of last year, then-prime minister Erdoğan publicly advised supporters of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) not to send their children to schools inspired by Gülen. “We will not even give water to them [members of Gülen movement],” he vowed.
He also ordered officials at AK Party-run municipalities to seize land and buildings belonging to the Gülen movement by any means

Meanwhile other Gulen operated schools are torched or taken over



Gulen "inspired" School in Taiwan to close in July Kivam Bilingual (Turkish) School


This Gulen "Inspired" school is to close in July citing financial mismanagement

In February this blog reported on the gallant efforts of Taiwanese Nationals to close this
indoctrination center down.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Gulen Schools Worldwide part of Operation Gladio under CIA and mastermind of Graham Fuller


As I read you started to research about Gulen Cemaat when you came to Turkey for a conference. What was the thing that attracted your interest about Gulen and his members?
  1. WE: I am a geopolitical researcher and author now for more than thirty years. My prime theme is geopolitics or how power is organized in our world by whom, to what aim. When I was invited to Turkey on a speaking tour for one of my books, a Turkish journalist who since has become a trusted friend suggested if I wanted to understand what was going on in Turkey, a country I have long considered to have a far more positive role than she has played within NATO, I should look deeply into the Gülen Cemaat. That began a long process as I began to realize the deeper agenda behind the façade of Rumi that Gülen and his people project.
  2. Our first knowledge about Gülen is, his struggle against communism via a foundation (which was a NATO agenda indeed). So could we say that Gülen and his CIA relationship started long ago?
  3. WE: Yes, all evidence suggests that NATO Turkish Gladio networks picked up Gülen as a potentially useful asset years ago. As their agenda changed with the collapse of the Soviet Union, their role for Gülen changed as well and doors were opened for him to play that role.
So in a true sense we can say that the Gülen Cemaat is the nothing more than the projection of an idea from Langley Virginia CIA headquarters, an idea from essentially stupid people there who believed they could use him and they could abuse religion as a cover to advance their design for global control, what David Rockefeller calls One World Government.
Unlike the CIA’s Mujahideen Jihadists like Hekmatyar in Afghanistan or Naser Oric in Bosnia, the CIA decided to give Fethullah Gülen a radically different image. No blood-curdling, head-severing, human-heart-eating Jihadist. No, Fethullah Gülen was presented to the world as a man of “peace, love and brotherhood,” even managing to grab a photo Op with Pope John Paul II, which Gülen featured prominently on his website. The Gülen organization in the US hired one of Washington’s highest-paid Public Relations image experts, George W. Bush’s former campaign director, Karen Hughes, to massage his “moderate” Islam image. 
The ideas and manipulations of the CIA and US State Department are collapsing everywhere today, but they are blinded by their own arrogance. Just look at their absurd mess they created with the neo-nazis in Ukraine. 
  1. As it's a very conflicted subject, how do you certainly believe that Gülen and CIA work together?
  2. WE: This is not merely my view but that of very knowledgeable Turkish analysts and even the former Turkish MIT senior figure, Osman Nuri Gundes, former FBI Turkish-American translator Sibel Edmonds, and others have documented his deep links to very senior CIA people such as Graham Fuller.  When Gülen fled Turkey to avoid prosecution for treason in 1998, he chose not to go to any of perhaps a dozen Islamic countries which could have offered him asylum. He chose instead the United States. He did so with the help of the CIA. The US State Department tried to block a special “preference visa as an alien of extraordinary ability in the field of education” permanent visa status for Gülen, arguing he was basically a fraud with a fifth grade education and no special Islam scholar. Over the objections of the FBI, of the US State Department and of the US Department of Homeland Security, three former CIA operatives intervened and managed to secure a Green Card and permanent US residency for Gülen.
Intervention by three current or “former” CIA people--George Fidas, who was US Ambassador to Turkey and an ex CIA Deputy Director; Morton Abramowitz who was described as at least “informal” CIA, and CIA career man who spent time in Turkey, Graham E. Fuller. They got Gülen asylum in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania. That certainly suggests a strong tie at the very least.   
  1. Was the relationship between Gulen and the CIA depending on both parties’ benefits? If so what were their benefits? How did CIA support Gulen to develop and grow his foundation?
  2. WE: Yes, clearly. For the Gülen Cemaat it enabled a vast business empire to be created which gained more and more influence by placing its people inside the police, the courts and education ministry. He could build his recruiting schools across Central Asia with CIA support. In the USA and Europe, CIA-influenced media like CNN gave him beautiful free publicity to overcome opposition to open his schools across America. For the CIA it was one more tool to destroy not only an independent secular Kemalist Turkey, but to advance their Afghan drug trade worldwide and to use Gülen’s people to destabilize opponent regimes that CIA network in Washington, the “deep state” wanted to get rid of.
Sibel Edmonds, former FBI Turkish translator and “whistleblower,” named Abramowitz, along with Graham E. Fuller, as part of a dark cabal within the US Government that she discovered were using networks out of Turkey to advance a criminal “deep state” agenda across the Turkic world, from Istanbul into China. The network that she documented included significant involvement in heroin trafficking out of Afghanistan.
On retiring from the State Department, Abramowitz served on the board of the US Congress-financed National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and was a co-founder with George Soros of the International Crisis Group. Both the NED and International Crisis Group were implicated in various US Government-backed “color revolutions” since the 1990’s collapse of the Soviet Union, from Otpor in Serbia to the 2004 Orange Revolution in Ukraine, the 2013-14 coup in Ukraine, to the 2009 Green Revolution in Iran, to the 2011 Lotus Revolution in Tahrir Square in Egypt. 
Graham E. Fuller had been immersed in the CIA’s activities in steering Mujahideen and other political Islamic organizations since the 1980’s. He spent 20 years as CIA operations officer in Turkey, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Afghanistan, and was one of the CIA’s early advocates of using the Muslim Brotherhood and similar Islamist organizations like Gülen Cemaat to advance US foreign policy.
  1. How does CIA work via Gulen schools at Middle-Asia?
  2. WE: First it should be noted that Russia moved swiftly to ban the Gülen schools when the CIA began the Chechyn terror in the 1990’s. In the 1980’s when the Iran-Contra scandal broke in Washington (a scheme authored by Fuller at CIA), he “retired” to work at the CIA and Pentagon-financed RAND think-tank. There, under RAND cover, Fuller was instrumental in developing the CIA strategy for building the Gülen Movement as a geopolitical force to penetrate former Soviet Central Asia. Among his RAND papers, Fuller wrote studies on Islamic fundamentalism in Turkey, in Sudan, in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Algeria. His books praise Gülen lavishly.
After the fall of the USSR, Fetullah Gülen’s cadre were sent to establish Gülen schools and Madrasses across newly-independent former Soviet states in Central Asia. It was a golden chance for the CIA, using the cover of Gülen religious schools, to send hundreds of CIA agents deep inside Central Asia the first time. In 1999 Fuller argued, “The policy of guiding the evolution of Islam and of helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Russians. The same doctrines can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power, and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia.”
Gülen was named by one former FBI authoritative source as, “one of the main CIA operation figures in Central Asia and the Caucasus.” During the 1990’s the Gülen schools then growing up across Eurasia were providing a base for hundreds of CIA agents under cover of being “native-speaking English teachers.” Osman Nuri Gundes revealed that the Gülen movement “sheltered 130 CIA agents” at its schools in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan alone in the 1990s.
  1. Gulen migrated from Turkey to USA at 1999, 3 days after terrorist Kurdish movement leader Abdullah Ocalan was kidnapped and brought to Turkey. What did it mean? Could Gulen co-operate better with CIA when he moved USA?
  2. WE: I think the CIA feared Gülen would end in prison and could be far more useful in US sanctuary where they could feed his image better and pump up his aura. Now clearly Gülen fears to return to Turkey even though he legally could. That says a lot.
  3. What does Gulen Foundation do for the benefits of CIA inside Turkey and Middle-East?
  4. WE: That would require a much longer discussion. What I find interesting is how a deep and now bitter split has emerged between Gülen Cemaat in Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. I believe Erdogan began to pursue his own agenda and that came in collision with that of the CIA and State Department for Turkey in the larger world.
  5. Turkish goverment AKP currently running a huge police operation against Gulen members among justice and police organisation, on the other hand, public sceptic about these operations as AKP and Gulen were also allies before november 17th corruption scandal occured. So could we say that AKP, Tayyip Erdogan and CIA were also allies once?
  6. WE: Turkey is a NATO member so no Turkish government is permitted for long if it tries to be independent of NATO, i.e. Washington, for long, as you know. When Erdogan began going his own way, the US networks began to demonize him in media worldwide, and Gülen media attacked him fiercely. I believe the split between Erdogan and Gülen went long before Nov. 17 scandals. Who was behind the leaking of those accusations? What was US Ambassador Francis Ricciardone doing in that regard? Interesting questions for someone.
  7. You say that CIA is at Gulen's side in their fight against AKP. What could CIA do to stop Erdogan and AKP?
  8. WE: My opinion is that was what the scandals were for, to try to prevent Erdogan’s election as President but they failed. Keep in mind the “scandal”  was about how Erdogan allegedly violated US oil sanctions against Iran, so the scandals were intended to break that trade, a Washington goal. 
  9. Anything to add...
  10. WE: I believe that Turkey today can play a very positive role in a new world that is emerging to replace the world of CIA wars, terror and chaos. Turkey is a geopolitical crossroads which has the possibility to play a very positive role in the emerging Eurasian system of China and Russia, the countries of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, in building energy and rail infrastructure. By herself, Turkey will be isolated and broken as Ukraine, and by the same people. In a principled economic and political alliance with Russia and China, she can play a pivot role in building a new world free of the debt of the collapsing Dollar System that also included the stagnating Europe. Turkey has a beautiful opportunity to partner with Russia and change the world power balance. It will require a lot of will. But if done in a good open way, Turkey could enjoy prosperity as never before and be a genuine “good neighbor.”
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*For the original article (PDF) published by Cumhuriyet click here
William Engdahl, BFP contributing Author & Analyst
William Engdahl is author of A Century of War: Anglo-American Oil Politics in the New World Order. He is a contributing author at BFP and may be contacted through his website at where this article was originally published.


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