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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Somalia Port Workers protest Turkish firm taking over port, Gulen TUSKON group strikes again.

Turkey has been a key ally for the federal Somali government, and with major financial assistance from Ankara, development in Mogadishu is taking off at a fast pace. But not all are happy with the Turkish influence in Somalia. Port workers in Mogadishu staged recent protests to keep their jobs as Turkish companies take over. But they lack the education to operate the new technology coming in.
Port workers at the Mogadishu seaport have been staging demonstrations outside parliament since the federal government handed over the port’s management to a Turkish firm.

Under the new ownership, Al Bayrak Company will manage the port for the next 20 years and will give the government 55 percent of all the proceeds from the port.
In a statement, the company says it plans to transform the seaport to international quality - elevating it to a central position in the Somali and African economy.

Modernizing this transit and cargo hub will require technical skills lacking in most of the current Somali work force.
Port workers argue they have no other source of livelihood. Through years of instability, the Port of Mogadishu remained their only employment and source of income.
Through their union, the workers are calling on the government to protect their jobs.
Port Worker Ahmed Ali Hassan said he was speaking on behalf of 5,311 port workers, their families and all that relied on them. "We are telling the government to reverse its decision. We are citizens of this country," he said.

Since 2011, Turkey has been a key ally for the Somali government and has helped in building mosques, hospitals, schools, water wells and orphanages.
Turkish funding is also improving road standards and infrastructure in Mogadishu and is helping to reconstruct the Mogadishu International Airport.
This is providing new opportunities for young educated Somalis. But older workers, said Port Union Worker Muhyadin Adow Jimale, should not have their contributions forgotten.
He said the porters at the Mogadishu Airport carried loads on their backs. "They have no education whatsoever. We thank the Turkish President, Mr. Erdogan, but we are warning him against making these poor people jobless," he said.

Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed is to meet members of parliament in the coming days to brief them about the terms and conditions in the new port deal.
Economic experts say a revitalized port will attract more trade, and help the entire Somali economy.
Somalia Turkish School

Somalian Turkish School in Mozambique


Monday, September 1, 2014

Gulen Turkish School in Kurdish area of SE Turkey is set on fire and destroyed

Terrorists from the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) have set fire to a dershane (private tutoring school) and its dorm that belong to the Hizmet movement in the eastern province of Muş, injuring at least one student.

A group of terrorists threw Molotov cocktails into the dorm on Saturday night. Tension has been high in the Southeast after the removal of a statue of Mahsum Korkmaz -- believed to be first PKK member to fire a shot at soldier -- in Diyarbakır's Lice district. A dershane is a private tutoring school that helps to prepare students for examinations by providing extra courses to supplement their ordinary education.

A PKK group entered the five-story dershane building by breaking down the door at around 8 pm after a demonstration in the Bulanık district. They first damaged the ground floor with stones and clubs and later started a fire with Molotov cocktails and fireworks. Three teachers, two students and another member of the staff were inside at the time of the terrorist raid. They were evacuated from the building by the police officers who arrived at the scene after the assault was over and the district's fire brigade brought the fire under control. Teachers speaking to the media after the incident said the police did nothing and watched indifferently while the PKK group was deliberately trying to kill people inside the dershane.

The fire also damaged the dorm, which is on the uppermost story of the building. Badly affected by the smoke, one teacher was hospitalized. The injured teacher was discharged later that night after receiving treatment. He talked to the Cihan news agency and said that the police waited for too long before moving in to disperse the demonstrators. Had the police intervened earlier, none of these things would have happened, he said. The teacher also said they were rescued from suffocating at the last minute.

The same dershane was the target of the PKK the day before this incident, which has been met with a harsh reaction from the district's people. Dershanes are usually regarded as a source of great assistance for students in the east and southeast in order to compete with western Anatolia, which is comparably more affluent and has better education opportunities. The PKK is a notorious enemy of private education institutions, as giving a young person a future makes it harder to recruit them as militants.

The assaulted dershane in Muş sent 150 high school graduates to different universities across Turkey this year and many primary school students in the district won places at science high schools, the most prestigious and highest quality secondary level educational institutions in Turkey.

The PKK demonstrations against the dismantling of a statue in Diyarbakır's Lice district in memory of the prominent terrorist, Mahsum Korkmaz, believed to be the first person in the organization's history to have fired a bullet at a Turkish soldier three decades ago, did not calm down over the weekend.

In the Yüksekova district of Kurdish-populated Hakkari province, a group of around 20 masked men started chanting slogans after blocking a main street in the city center by setting up a road block. The store owners on the street closed their shops as the police intervened with water cannons. A fight soon erupted as the PKK group began hurling stones, fireworks and Molotov cocktails at the police. The barricades were lifted by the police and the fight continued in the alleys.

In Bingöl's Beşyol neighborhood, a group of protesters from the Patriotic Revolutionist Youth Movement (YDG-H) -- which is affiliated with the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK), the urban arm of the terrorist PKK, staged an illegal demonstration to protest the removal of the statue by blocking a main road. Riot police asked for peace but the group responded with Molotov cocktails. A fire broke out as one of the petrol bombs hurled by the group hit the rooftop of a nearby house, causing a fire. The fire was brought under control quickly by residents. The police units used tear gas to disperse the protesters, who escaped into side streets. The clashes continued until Sunday morning. An eyewitness told the press that a white truck carrying around a dozen children came to the scene shouting slogans and hissing.

At least one PKK sympathetic demonstrator was killed and two others were injured during the clashes. The Lice Criminal Court of Peace decided on Monday to take down the statue of Korkmaz. The decision to demolish the statue came after a criminal complaint submitted by the Diyarbakır Governor's Office early on Monday.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Gülen Movement: A New Islamic World Order? -

Gulen Schools Worldwide, Why so many Gulen Turkish Schools in Africa? oil, diamonds, textiles, coffee, and more

Africa is a continent RICH in natural resources.  The Gulen Turkish Businessmen TUSKON have reaped many business exports in the billions from Africa.  TUSKON has many offices set up in Africa, plus in the economically hard hit areas Yok Kim Su the Gulen charity group has gained a lot of controls via charity. 

Some assortment of Turkish Gulen Schools in Africa

Somalia Turkish School - Nile Turkish School of Somalia

Ghana Turkish School Universiteti Beder
Madagascar Turkish School (COFFEE)
Malawi Turkish School
Mali Turkish School
Somalia Turkish School- Willow International School

Ghana Turkish School


Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gulen Schools Worldwide, last remaining Gulen Turkish school in Turkmenistan closed on Presidential order

This blog wrote about the article that appeared 3 years ago closing down all the Gulen Turkish schools in Turkmenistan but one.

On Monday, August 18 the last remaining Turkish Gulen school in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan has been closed.

The Turkish school which operated pursuant to Turkmen-Turkish agreements has been closed down in Ashgabat. Among its students were children of Turkish diplomats, entrepreneurs and builders as well as local children. It had been announced earlier that, starting from the upcoming academic year, Turkmen children would no longer be admitted into the school.
The parents of the now former students put together an address below and asked us to publish it on our website. They are hoping that the Turkmen authorities will change their minds and allow the children to finish their schooling.
Dear editorial board,
A sad story about the only remaining Turkish school in Turkmenistan has reached its closing stage. A series of events in April and May of 2014 was the logical ending and a bad outlook for over 2000 Turkish and Turkmen children who were following a course of studies in the school, making plans for the future and cherishing hopes. In an instant these dreams were ruined by Turkmen officials. Although there were some warnings and signs of a negative outcome, nobody thought that the situation would be so neglected in our society.
Let’s do away with lyricism and move to some facts.
On 13 August the school students holding Turkmen citizenship were informed that their documents, pursuant to instructions (which nobody had seen in written form), were handed over from the municipal education authority to the local school №57 on which premises the Turkish school operated. In other words, from the very opening of the Turkish school in Turkmenistan half of the classrooms and facilities of the local school №57 were handed over to the Turkish school. During their presence of about 20 years and with the help of sponsors, primarily Turkish construction companies, the Turks have introduced high standards in the school: they renovated the interior of the school, installed sunshades, built children’s playgrounds, basketball and volleyball fields, a football stadium, a canteen and other facilities. Classes were supplied with state-of-the-art equipment and furniture, heating and air conditioning systems etc.
According to the Turkish administration, the school was closed down unilaterally by the Turkmen side, without any explanation, which is quite common in Turkmenistan. Officials from the Ministry of Education provide no comment and refer to the Presidential order, which none of the officials have seen. However, it is reiterated that locals should study in local schools. Yet, when responding to comments that this regulation is not envisaged in the law on education, the officials simply nod their heads and shrug their shoulders. There should be some legal justification of these actions. If it is not available, it can be treated as lawlessness and arbitrariness, right!?
The school was opened pursuant to intergovernmental agreements and functioned for about 20 years. The situation reminds us of Turkmenistan’s unilateral withdrawal from similar treaties on dual citizenship with the Russian Federation in 1993. As a result, tens of thousands of ordinary people were negatively affected. It seems that we are trying to isolate ourselves from the entire civilized world and at the same time rescinding agreements which had been initially signed by us at the highest level. This is very weird conduct despite our efforts to position our country in the world arena as a reliable partner which keeps promises and complies with agreements. However, as practice shows, the situation is quite the opposite.
Let’s go back to our topic.
Over 1000 Turkmen children of all age groups, now the former students of the Turkish school, may continue their education in school 57 (it is solely a Turkmen school which has no Russian classes) or transfer to other Ashgabat schools where they will be admitted. However, they cannot be admitted to all schools as classes are fully booked. The female principal of school 57 is shocked as she has no idea how to accommodate over 1000 children since there are already 45 to 50 in each class. All the same, many parents are transferring their children to other schools – either to the one which is closest in the neighborhood or the one which they consider more or less suitable.
The curriculum in the Turkish school varies significantly from the local curriculum. It should be noted that it is not easy to arrange a transfer as some dishonest and unscrupulous principals of other schools are taking advantage of the difficult situation which the “evicted” students are confronted with, and quote their fees to parents. They charge 500 dollars and more based on principals’ yearnings. The officials from the municipal education board and the ministry of Education have literally washed their hands and offer no assistance in accommodating the “evicted” children. Because the documents were handed over to school 57, they believe that all the children have been placed. However all of them without exception are rubbing their hands in expectation of the school principals bringing them their share in cash.
There is an impression that everything is done deliberately to yield as much cash as possible from this absurd situation. Generally speaking, everything is logical and sadly predictable in the society where “the epoch of power and happiness” reigns.
If Turkish children and their parents are still hoping that a positive decision to reopen the school will be made under the pressure of their government (the Turkish authorities are aware of the situation), local children have nothing and nobody to rely on except themselves and their parents. Their own state has ousted them from the school in which they were officially enrolled and hoped to further their education in Turkey. Now their home country has given up on them and their children’s dreams. What can one think of the authorities in this situation?
The parents were informed that “locals should study in local schools”. Then a reasonable question arises of why the Russian school with a similar status is not closed down. Why do officials stay away from the international American school which is a private, not public, educational institution? Perhaps Russia might stop buying our gas, for instance? And America can simply threaten us and show its “iron” fist?
It appears that, in the case of the Turkish school shutdown, local officials decided to take advantage of the fact that everybody is busy with the Presidential election in Turkey and strike a wicked blow on the most holy thing – children. God will never forgive them for what they have done.
If they decided to remove local children from the school, which is a gross violation of article 38 of Turkmenistan’s Constitution and the law on education, why close the entire school, even for Turkish children? Why put ourselves in another embarrassing situation in front of the international community?!
Now everybody is relying on Erdogan who will officially assume office as the President on 28 August and will definitely make an effort to resolve the issue.
Needless to say, as a result of this outrageous situation everybody, especially children, are completely hopeless and bewildered. We would like to ask the officials from the Ministry of Education and others what local students, who studied in this school for 6 to 10 years, should now do. How will they start a course of studies in local schools based on local curriculum and standards? The question itself sounds mockingly absurd.
After this incident how can we discuss positive moves, reforms and democratization of the Turkmen society, even of the rights of the child provided for in the Constitution, which were grossly violated and trampled by their own authorities? And what about the non-existent rights of the adult population? We only have our duties to perform, whereas “selected” individuals have rights in our country.